Enline Site Rules

The purpose of Enline is to have fun, but you can't have a stable community without rules.
The rules are simple, so please abide by them, and we'll all enjoy the site.
They are as follows:

1. Nothing illegal under United States law - Enline is hosted in the United States. As such, you need to abide by its rules. This includes posting calls to violence, defamation of others, and any other speech that is not legal in the US.

2. No NSFW content - No gore, porn, sexual content, etc. This includes suggestive imagery and sexual content in text content.

3. No releasing other peoples' personal information - Also known as doxing. You may not post peoples' names, addresses, phone numbers, etc without their permission.

4. No spam - Spam will not be tolerated. Do not spam using any part of the site.

5. No stealing other peoples' content - Don't repost other peoples' blogs, for example.

Users will be notified of any additions or changes via email or by a public site announcement.